Increased Emissions Testing at Hyundai Technical Center

In Superior Township, MI, the Hyundai America Technical Center is expanding. The eight-year-old facility has been gearing up with a $15 million addition that began last summer and will soon be fully operational. The new space requires an increase in workers, with 50 new jobs opening up in the next three years to join the current 170, and those interested can head over to to see the openings. So what exactly will you be doing? Let's take a look.

Emissions testing is extremely important in America; lower emissions means better cars, and better cars means more drivers. The current lineup of new Hyundai models all have considerably low emissions ratings already but lower is always better. With the addition to the tech center, new testing chambers have been added for better emissions tests in extreme temperature simulations using alternative fuels.

In the dynamometer stations, 16 vehicles are placed in rooms conditioned to 95 degrees Fahrenheit where they will "soak" for 12 hours, then attempt to start and emissions rates are recorded. The vehicles are also tested in rooms set to -20 degrees Fahrenheit where after another 12 hours they will be started and results are recorded. With the new addition, up to 60 vehicles can be tested at once, with the temperature range expanded to 120 and -40 degrees.

We certainly can't say no to more testing in more extreme environments; the safer and more efficient the vehicles are built, the better all the loyal drivers from the greater Tuscaloosa area will benefit. If you're interested in joining our ranks, come on down to Tameron Hyundai in Birmingham, AL. If something piques your interest, take it out for a test drive and experience a new thrill today!

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