Fun and Functional: Hyundai's IDEA Festival

The IDEA Festival, held every year in South Korea, is the time and place where engineers come to play, invent, and show off their crazy ideas. The best ones even have the possibility of being adopted into future new Hyundai vehicles. There were a great many good ideas, some funnier looking than others, but all were very inventive and certainly more than any of us at Tameron Hyundai could hope to build on our own! Let's take a look at a few of our favorites.

A very practical submission was an electric bike that can compress into the shape of a spare tire. The idea being multifunctional: if you blew a tire, it could take the place of the missing tire temporarily, or if you're out of gas, you can fold it out into its bicycle form and ride it to the nearest gas station to fetch a gallon or two.

There was a "flying car" that was less of a car and more of a bucket seat attached to a plethora of miniature helicopter fans, but it still worked! One car featured "joints" that allowed it to fit into tight spaces or even climb a flight of stairs.

The most popular concept, however, was the E4U. It looks like a yellow, robotic egg, controls like a Segway, and has an adorable appeal like something out of Pokémon. Big headlights on the front that look like eyes, side panels that look like little arms, and a rear-mounted stabilizer that looks not unlike a tail. Apparently the "E4" part of the name stands for "egg, evolution, electricity, and eco-friendliness." No matter what it stands for, it was certainly our favorite.

It doesn't seem like any of these ideas will make it beyond the festival, in terms of production, but we can still keep our fingers crossed. If you stop by our Birmingham, AL dealership, you can see all the wonderful Hyundai vehicles that have made it to our show floor. We'd love to discuss them with you and find something that meets all your individual needs today.

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