Hyundai Connectivity Concept Unlocks Door to Future

The ever expanding prevalence of smart-cellphones is almost taken as a granted now in 2012. Over the past decade cars, like cellphones have also been getting smarter. New active safety technologies, hands-free calls, Bluetooth streaming, built-in apps... the list goes on and on. It's hard to imagine vehicles even more intelligent and digitally connected but that is exactly what Hyundai aims to do with some new limit-stretching advancements.


Tameron Hyundai is speaking about the new Hyundai Connectivity Concept. A sleek, futuristic-looking vehicle this is not. Instead of being a 4-wheeled new Hyundai model itself, the Connectivity Concept is Hyundai's effort to create cars even more connected than they are today.


The technology centers around the beginning of our post, namely, your ubiquitous smartphone. The ability to unlock the doors, load unique user profiles containing music, contacts, seat adjustments and enable the smartphone's features on a dash-mounted touchscreen are all in the project's blueprint.


Demonstrated overseas on the Hyundai i30, the system uses Near Field Communications technology to enable many of the amazing features. In addition to the data connectivity, Hyundai officials note that "In addition, the device's battery is recharged wirelessly while in use."1


Powerful ideas behind powerful companies. Hyundai is working with tech partner Broadcom Corporation to develop the Hyundai Connectivity Concept and hopes to have it, along with other new technology offerings, ready for the production line by 2015. While we can't be too sure which Hyundai vehicles will get this innovative technology first, our Birmingham area team can't wait to see these new technologies in action. In the meantime, be sure to swing by 1595 Montgomery Hwy and direct any questions or comments to our helpful team of brand experts right here, serving the greater Hoover, Tuscaloosa, Bessemer AL region.

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